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Travel Book and Bag


Another journal for travelers with its own storage or carry bag. Perhaps someone will use it to record their travels to view solar eclipses. I am, at this moment, waiting for my own 2017 experience……..two more hours………

This book and bag is available in my Etsy Shop, here.



Rain Day

Rain Day

This was my yesterday – rain rain rain and thunder all the day long.

Landscape Bag

I like the way the thin pigment traveled along the threads. I'll be using this technique more often.

I like the way the thin pigment traveled along the threads. I’ll be using this technique more often.

Start to finish!

Start to finish!

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Last Year’s Task – ‘Everything’

Last Year's Task - 'Everything'

Last week was unproductive so I will share with you a task I set for myself last year. The plan was to do graphite drawing each day on this paper I ‘mapped’ with the word “everything” and divided into angular drawing areas. The only rule I set for myself was that it be completed by December 31, 2012. I did not do as well as I thought I would! Many weeks I didn’t do anything on it. Other times I would set my pencil on the paper with no particular plan and the first thought and the first move of the pencil made the decision and the drawing flowed from the pencil. It is apparent that I relied heavily on circles and stripes to fulfill my mission. It is, I suppose, a version of a Zentangle but I didn’t have that in mind. I thought it would be something I could do in those moments I didn’t have a better plan or inspiration. I intend to do something similar for 2013 but I think I will make it smaller. And I will continue on defining this but I will add no more drawing on this one.

Even life needs some blank spaces.


The silence of words not yet said.
I wish I could split into two people to do all that I want to do. Even two bodies perhaps would not be enough. The key is to choose and FOCUS. Image