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Typical Day?

I’ve no photo to represent my day. It would take a few. Several. Perhaps there’s something wrong with me? I don’t mean really wrong because, really, what is normal? Normal is what we do ourselves. Abnormal is what others do that we don’t understand. Right? (Joking, of course! Tolerance is a remedy for much.) Continue reading


Paisley Lace Denim

Paisley Lace Denim

Best title I can think of for now. This piece is in progress now at my living room chair. I’m adding hand embroidery. As often happens, I wandered from my original intention of doing something quick and easy by paint and machine. (Ha. Dreams.) This started by laying painted lace on denim. I usually have no idea what I’m going to end up with; I just keep working on it until the bell rings in my head for “stop!”. It’s very heavy denim and with the paint adding to the stiffness I am actually using my thimble. I plan to make this a card holder/wallet but……..I’m actually in as much suspense as you are as to what it will be. Well, I’m sure the uncertainty won’t keep you from sleeping soundly tonight.

Finished project is here: Denim Wallet

Canvas Splatter Bag

Sometimes the beginnings are simply the availability of materials. I hate to waste! This paint is on my home office walls but it does not look like this at all. Color can be such a mystery. It is a dark blue but it usually looks green. (I do love green but it was not my intention. I will repaint when my home project list shortens up a bit. You didn’t expect an artist to have a clean sink, did you?)ImageImage

I soaked the cheesecloth in diluted paint and laid it on the canvas with no expectations. I impulsively decided to use it without further development. (Seems like I said that same thing not too long ago!) I fused the canvas to high quality decorator chintz, grabbed painted blue denim for the zipper top and proceeded to construct the bag. It was stiff and difficult to work with but I switched to my trusty old commercial Bernina and all went well. Canvas BagI consulted my salvage drawer for cords and found some I had saved from fabric sample books. I couldn’t quite remember how to do a 4-strand braid. The braid book – although beautiful – required a bit more concentration than I was willing for. So I did a quick internet search and made notes on my hand as to which strand went where. I can remember it for awhile again.

Braiding the zipper pulls

Braiding the zipper pulls -Second strand over first, 3 over 4, 2 over 3. That’s how it goes!

Available in my Etsy Shop. SOLD

Landscape Bag

I like the way the thin pigment traveled along the threads. I'll be using this technique more often.

I like the way the thin pigment traveled along the threads. I’ll be using this technique more often.

Start to finish!

Start to finish!

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Wire Roll Bag


At last, after machine troubles and ……..not too many brain troubles!….is the bag that came to mind inspired by the roll of old fence wire (previous post ‘First Snow’). Canvas was seamed to fit around a plastic pipe fitting, as I wanted the line of color to be continuous. It is wrapped with twine from my upholstery supply cabinet. This is a Shibori technique.(Certainly not an example of how beautiful Shibori can be but it suited my purpose.)

I then applied pigment with brush and let it set while I went to the dentist the next day. Back in the studio, I was eager to unwrap and view. I considered cutting into two pieces, then realized it still lacked the look I wanted. So I stitched continuously around the canvas tube. I love the ‘Slinky’ look! I then raided my vintage tin and found just the right button for the inner pocket tab. I sewed tabs for grommets, stitched a cotton lining with zipper pocket and large button tab pocket.
Available in my Etsy Shop.

Hello world!

This blog is to show you – as well as myself! – how what I see each day influences what I create. Traveling, reading and listening all contribute to what hands and mind make for the world to see – or for you to use and value. My intention is also to encourage others by showing the beginnings of joining ordinary materials with inspiration and achievable skills.