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New Utility Bag

I’ve been ‘gone’ so long I hardly know what to do! So this will be short and easy. I hope. Here is a new utility bag, made from repurposed fabric, painted with the ‘squeek’ from paint rollers. Useful and sturdy.

It’s available here in my Etsy Shop.

Pink Confusion Bag


When I’m at a loss for inspiration, I sometimes go to my ‘starts’ and ‘maybes’ for something to continue. This is a piece of fabric that I do recall using for soaking up unused paint, with no intentional design.

Now I call it ‘confusion’ because only after it was complete did I see that it could have been a pink Peony. I stared at that blob and couldn’t see anything but a blob. Still, I felt like doing some hand stitching so for a few evenings, I poked the needle loaded with pearle cotton in and out to emphasize the lines that I did see.

Still not happy, of course, another day I felt like machine stitching so I did my ‘go to’ stitched grid. Well, at least it makes the hand stitching less vulnerable. Plus, it is now stitched to a firm stabilizer. I find the grid-stitching mindless and relaxing, maybe that’s why I do it.

I was compelled to add another line to the design. Here I am thinking……….but it’s not what I did.

After adding borders with a vintage madras plaid, I pulled out a piece of fabric that apparently I colored with the blue at the same time. I used it to make handles.

Here is the finished bag. A pouch? A little purse? Just think ‘Peony’!

One of a kind and available here in my Art2Carry Etsy Shop.

The story of an aimless creation. Many  – if not most – original creations come about this way. Some work out better. I wish I had stayed in ‘think mode’ awhile. That’s why we sit and stare into space. We creators are busier than we look, believe me.



Blue/Gray Rag Bag

bgray4Finally. At last. I completed the blue bag, combined with the gray upcycled work uniform fabric – still sturdy and eager to serve.

Available here in my Etsy Shop.

New Rag Bag


I’m sewing again.



Paint rag bag starts……..














































Polka Dot Sun Pouch

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Available here in my Etsy Shop (sold)

Purple Sun Pouch


Stenciled pouch of upcycled denim

Available here in my Etsy Shop


Sunshine was on my mind one day and I needed to grab onto a project so I quickly cut this shape for a freezer paper stencil.


Freezer paper stencil


Another sun work, background painted


I peeled and reapplied the stencil three more times. Three of these are quilted with cotton batting onto muslin, washed and dried to shrink and add texture. The one second Continue reading

Abacus Bag


abacus7This bag has traveled a creative journey from a beginning nearly opposite in appearance. Pulled from my completed projects it seemed gawky and unacceptable to my present eye.


Cut apart and laid flat, its makeover has begun….


Paint applied – I used fabric to absorb excess on the tape – nothing wasted!


First mask removed







Brush handle as paint applicator. (A sheet of glass is laid over neutral fabric on my work surface.)


Big mistake! Slapping paint without much thought. I sensed it immediately, but I finished all the way across knowing that mistakes can lead to good things. Later, after a little masking, I hid the yellow with more paint.


I had recently carved a flower stamp so I grabbed that and laid it on using black.


A day or so later I sanded lightly to expose hints of the yellow, bring it out as texture and soften the colors a bit. I added more black to the design.


Available here in my Etsy shop.

Burst Out!





The Start


Machine stitching




Side 2 of Black Burst Bag

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