Sunshine was on my mind one day and I needed to grab onto a project so I quickly cut this shape for a freezer paper stencil.


Freezer paper stencil


Another sun work, background painted


I peeled and reapplied the stencil three more times. Three of these are quilted with cotton batting onto muslin, washed and dried to shrink and add texture. The one second from right – on blue denim with dot painted background – is being stitched to two layers of firm stabilizer. Even now I am not sure what I’m going to make! Other fabrics and zippers are ‘auditioning’ to join.

If you wonder about the matchbook  in the far background – it was brought out to singe the edge of the blue/purple plaid. I suspected it was a cotton/poly blend and it did burn to a hard edge. (And doesn’t smell quite as good as burned cotton, either. Be careful doing that test. You can find one list of the various fibers and blends and how they smell and react to the flame here.) My preference is for pure cottons but it will be good for lining the preshrunk denim. However, I know to keep the iron at lower temperature.

Now that I’m this far I wish I had more of a plan. Story of my life! Kind of like driving down a random road and not turning around because you don’t know which other road you’d take! This makes sense to those of you who work without a plan sometimes. It’s not the only reason work languishes as a UFO, however.

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  1. Lovely! So many interesting folk in the world! Thanks for following me 🙂


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