Abacus Bag


abacus7This bag has traveled a creative journey from a beginning nearly opposite in appearance. Pulled from my completed projects it seemed gawky and unacceptable to my present eye.


Cut apart and laid flat, its makeover has begun….


Paint applied – I used fabric to absorb excess on the tape – nothing wasted!


First mask removed







Brush handle as paint applicator. (A sheet of glass is laid over neutral fabric on my work surface.)


Big mistake! Slapping paint without much thought. I sensed it immediately, but I finished all the way across knowing that mistakes can lead to good things. Later, after a little masking, I hid the yellow with more paint.


I had recently carved a flower stamp so I grabbed that and laid it on using black.


A day or so later I sanded lightly to expose hints of the yellow, bring it out as texture and soften the colors a bit. I added more black to the design.


Available here in my Etsy shop.

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