Monthly Archives: December 2015

Tall Gray Pouch


Utility Pouch of Upcycled Work Pants


Unplanned embroidery


Under Construction

I’m not certain what I thought I was showing you here, but you might as well look. (I did add another small pocket inside the outer pocket.) Raw pieces of used trousers that I clean my paint rollers on. I just hate to waste anything. The orange and red are from working at my mixed-media table, again just ‘using up’. Then one evening I picked it up and started stitching the red lines because I had nothing else in my mind to do. The fingers need to do something, even when void of inspiration.

Painted and hand embroidered pouch is here in My Etsy Shop.

This small chunk of fabric is visible in an earlier post – not too far back, just a few scrolls or clicks will probably get you there. See that circle one? It is completed too. I’ll post photos of that another day.


Progress of the Black Burst