Back on the Path

Emerging design

Emerging design

I’ve been urged to get back on the blogging path. My screaming inner voice has been persistent but…………encouragement does help. (Thank you all!) So I have decided to change my method a bit. When I began this blog I had in mind to show a finished work and reveal the process. Since I am bogging instead of blogging I will approach from a slightly new direction, at least for now.

First of all, I can honestly say that I am a  habitual, incurable, dedicated maker. Making is what gives meaning to my hours. But I flit from this to that. There are long dry spells of  ‘in process’ without completions. So I will more frequently show you the object that has had my attention. Textile works are the focus of  ‘Sew Path’ but  some of my work in other media can be viewed in my sidebar.

Above is a photo of a textile that has not been able to make it ‘out of the chute’…it has been removed from storage and laid on my work table several times, the recipient of no activity other than fond looks while I work on something else.

One response to “Back on the Path

  1. Your projects will know when it’s time to be finished. The will tell you!

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