Landscape Card Wallet

Sepia altered landscape on bifold card wallet.

Sometimes (who am I kidding?)………OFTEN I can’t decide what to do on a project so I pick up a different one that is in progress. This piece had been abandoned and forgotten. Last week it had surfaced out of the depth of the ‘lacking success’ box. As I do when I don’t know what else to do with something, I sanded it and applied another coat of sealer. This made it look like perhaps it was meant to look the way it looked. (Make sense to you? Many things don’t make sense, you just keep on keepin’ on.)

Today I chose a vintage linen/cotton sample for the inner layer and card pockets.

Removing the stabilizing paper on the back of the sample fabric

Removing the stabilizing paper on the back of the sample fabric

This vintage fabric sample gave up its backing without leaving  a trace of adhesive. (Sometimes this is not the case when using fabric samples and it’s not worth the time to fuss with it; so I cut it away and discard the glued part.) I washed it and pressed it before using it to complete the wallet.

I ‘pillow-cased’ it to make a nice finished edge. It was okay but I was not pleased with it. So I went along with the aged look it had anyway and couched the torn fabric strip along the edge for even more primitive quality. Also, now any wear on the coarse linen fabric would seem okay.

I almost hope you’ve already left because here is how my work table looked last week. Today’s project is not in sight – it was in the other room on the ‘wet’ table while the India Ink border dried.

Available in my Etsy Shop.

A Day in the Life of a Work Table

A Day in the Life of a Work Table (that has obviously seen many days)

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