Typical Day?

I’ve no photo to represent my day. It would take a few. Several. Perhaps there’s something wrong with me? I don’t mean really wrong because, really, what is normal? Normal is what we do ourselves. Abnormal is what others do that we don’t understand. Right? (Joking, of course! Tolerance is a remedy for much.)

So today I sewed a while, I went back to the house for lunch. I enjoyed a visit from friends. Back in the studio, I worked on a charcoal drawing. I rummaged through my ‘starts’ box and pressed out some fabric pieces I occasionally admire (then can’t decide what to do with them so I put them back in the box). I sat in my east window alcove nibbling on bittersweet chocolate, paging through a book on embroidery. I looked at a Dick Blick sale catalog. Three times I walked with the dog on our path. It was a bit stormy today but  not very much rain. This morning it was hooded coat and an umbrella and this afternoon a windbreaker was sufficient……well, slightly not quite adequate….I felt the chill.

And it is day 3 of having a snake in our house – presumed harmless but not welcome.

Sure do need to evacuate that little snake. I didn’t realize a snake could appear on a roofed concrete porch a couple feet off the ground. It zipped into the house when the door was opened, spooked by the no-kill-snake dog.

Here’s a photo of the morning sewing, after all……..I don’t know where it’s going. The color was stamped years ago and it still has not found its way………So far it’s a dud that I have real doubts about ever liking.

This may never be finished  as I have no vision for it, even after a few years in the 'starts' bin.

This may never be finished as I have no vision for it, even after a few years in the ‘starts’ bin.

So I have a photo, after all – just a detail of much larger piece.

Probably tomorrow will be better. (If we catch the snake.)

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