Monthly Archives: April 2014

Landscape Card Wallet

Sepia altered landscape on bifold card wallet.

Sometimes (who am I kidding?)………OFTEN I can’t decide what to do on a project so I pick up a different one that is in progress. This piece had been abandoned and forgotten. Last week it had surfaced out of the depth of the ‘lacking success’ box. As I do when I don’t know what else to do with something, I sanded it and applied another coat of sealer. This made it look like perhaps it was meant to look the way it looked. (Make sense to you? Many things don’t make sense, you just keep on keepin’ on.)

Today I chose a vintage linen/cotton  Continue reading

‘Circle-Purple’ Painted Canvas Pouch

Painted Canvas bag with zipper and 4-strand leather braid zipper pull

Painted Canvas bag with zipper and 4-strand leather braid zipper pull

This canvas zipper pouch began as a way to save every drop of liquid pigment applied to another fabric. It went through the ugly stage as art often does. Even after applying acrylic paint to save it from doom, my vision was to add thread embellishment. But here -without machine stitching – is the Circle-Purple Pouch with process photos:  Continue reading

Typical Day?

I’ve no photo to represent my day. It would take a few. Several. Perhaps there’s something wrong with me? I don’t mean really wrong because, really, what is normal? Normal is what we do ourselves. Abnormal is what others do that we don’t understand. Right? (Joking, of course! Tolerance is a remedy for much.) Continue reading