An Artist’s Bag

ImageImageImageThis is an experimental bag/tote I made for myself – sort of a combination of uses. I tried to show you in the photos that there is a middle section (the dark blue fabric) that closes tightly but will hold a sketch book and a few art supplies or even a magazine, book   (or electronic magic gadgets) to be prepared for long waiting times. 

In the outer side pockets I can keep the usual things I carry in my bag – money, cards, keys, etc. When I don’t have much in the inside pockets (there are actually two pockets in the dark blue middle) the middle squishes down to almost nothing. So far I really like it!

From this prototype I will make more, tweaking my design here and there.  I think the one zippered side pocket is a bit too large, for instance………… Any suggestions on what you like in an everyday, do-it-all bag?

2 responses to “An Artist’s Bag

  1. Denise Vitola

    I’ll tell you, Jan, if that baby has a cross body strap, I would buy it in a heartbeat! It looks awesome! Denise

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