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“Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love.”

An Artist’s Bag

ImageImageImageThis is an experimental bag/tote I made for myself – sort of a combination of uses. I tried to show you in the photos that there is a middle section (the dark blue fabric) that closes tightly but will hold a sketch book and a few art supplies or even a magazine, book   (or electronic magic gadgets) to be prepared for long waiting times. 

In the outer side pockets I can keep the usual things I carry in my bag – money, cards, keys, etc. When I don’t have much in the inside pockets (there are actually two pockets in the dark blue middle) the middle squishes down to almost nothing. So far I really like it!

From this prototype I will make more, tweaking my design here and there.  I think the one zippered side pocket is a bit too large, for instance………… Any suggestions on what you like in an everyday, do-it-all bag?


Paisley Denim Wallet

Denim Wallet

Finally! It seemed I needed to show the result of this project in order to move on here and break my long silence.

I feel wordless every day for the past month (well, as far as my Blog is concerned!) so will simply post this photo of the finished denim wallet project. Available in my Etsy Shop.    SOLD