Paisley Lace Denim

Paisley Lace Denim

Best title I can think of for now. This piece is in progress now at my living room chair. I’m adding hand embroidery. As often happens, I wandered from my original intention of doing something quick and easy by paint and machine. (Ha. Dreams.) This started by laying painted lace on denim. I usually have no idea what I’m going to end up with; I just keep working on it until the bell rings in my head for “stop!”. It’s very heavy denim and with the paint adding to the stiffness I am actually using my thimble. I plan to make this a card holder/wallet but……..I’m actually in as much suspense as you are as to what it will be. Well, I’m sure the uncertainty won’t keep you from sleeping soundly tonight.

Finished project is here: Denim Wallet

One response to “Paisley Lace Denim

  1. I’m glad you broke your promise to yourself – I have the same ‘problem’! Can’t resist adding hand stitching … =D

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