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Sunshine On Thoughts

I sat at my east window this morning gazing upon the same view of my most recent post. Raising my eyes to that window to the north the sky was now air blue, fluffy with clouds. My thoughts buzzed like flies unable to settle. I’m sure reading a poem referring to the usually unwelcome insect is the reason I use the fly metaphor. I was holding the book ‘Selected Poems’  – poems by Canadian writer/poet Alden Nowlan (1933-1983). I only recently discovered his writings and I am quite struck by the stark reality he portrays along with a deep understanding of humanity.



Rain Day

Rain Day

This was my yesterday – rain rain rain and thunder all the day long.



“Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is the noble art of leaving things undone.”


Roller Pouch

One more bag made to avoid wasting paint. 



Canvas Splatter Bag

Sometimes the beginnings are simply the availability of materials. I hate to waste! This paint is on my home office walls but it does not look like this at all. Color can be such a mystery. It is a dark blue but it usually looks green. (I do love green but it was not my intention. I will repaint when my home project list shortens up a bit. You didn’t expect an artist to have a clean sink, did you?)ImageImage

I soaked the cheesecloth in diluted paint and laid it on the canvas with no expectations. I impulsively decided to use it without further development. (Seems like I said that same thing not too long ago!) I fused the canvas to high quality decorator chintz, grabbed painted blue denim for the zipper top and proceeded to construct the bag. It was stiff and difficult to work with but I switched to my trusty old commercial Bernina and all went well. Canvas BagI consulted my salvage drawer for cords and found some I had saved from fabric sample books. I couldn’t quite remember how to do a 4-strand braid. The braid book – although beautiful – required a bit more concentration than I was willing for. So I did a quick internet search and made notes on my hand as to which strand went where. I can remember it for awhile again.

Braiding the zipper pulls

Braiding the zipper pulls -Second strand over first, 3 over 4, 2 over 3. That’s how it goes!

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